Cat and Dog First Aid

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This course teaches first aid and CPR techniques to address the most common emergencies that can occur with small and large dogs as well as cats.  This course will train you to notice abnormalities and detect early warning signs in pets. You will also learn essential pre-vet care and life saving techniques for those times when immediate action can make all the difference. The course is developed and taught by Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Bobbi Conner, a specialist in small animal emergency & critical care.

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1 hour and 39 minutes

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46 videos





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This Course Includes:

  • Certification card available to purchase for $49.95
  • 24/7 on-demand video
  • Access on mobile
  • Weekly refresher video
  • Expiration reminder
  • Student manual

Preview the course content:

Section 1

Introduction, Preparation & Safety

14 mins
4 videos
This section includes:
  • Welcome to Pet First Aid 1:47
  • Making a Cat and Dog First Aid Kit 7:08
  • Aggressive Dog Safety 2:42
  • and more...
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Section 2

Observing Changes in Your Dog or Cat

10 mins
6 videos
This section includes:
  • Knowing What's Normal for Your Pet 1:05
  • Cat and Dog Behavior Changes 1:35
  • Cat and Dog Pulse Rate 2:37
  • and more...
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Section 3


19 mins
12 videos
This section includes:
  • Introduction to Cat and Dog Illness 0:53
  • Cat and Dog Vomiting Care 1:36
  • Cat and Dog Diarrhea 0:50
  • and more...
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Section 4


24 mins
9 videos
This section includes:
  • Cat and Dog Shock Assessment 2:06
  • Cat and Dog Bleeding Care 3:47
  • Cat and Dog Nail Bleeding 1:31
  • and more...
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Section 5

Poisons, Envenomation & Allergies

13 mins
8 videos
This section includes:
  • Recognizing Cat and Dog Poisoning 1:37
  • Common Pet Poisons 2:08
  • Dangerous Cat Poisons 1:13
  • and more...
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Section 6

Respiratory Emergencies

9 mins
4 videos
This section includes:
  • Cat and Dog Breathing Problems (Respiratory Distress) 2:10
  • Cat and Dog Choking (Conscious) 3:41
  • Cat and Dog Choking (Unconscious) 2:01
  • and more...
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Section 7


8 mins
3 videos
This section includes:
  • Pet CPR Introduction 2:22
  • Cat and Dog CPR Demonstration 3:47
  • Pet End-of-Life 2:05
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Who needs a Pet First Aid course?

Most people take a Pet First Aid course as a requirement for their job. As a result, people who need a Pet First Aid course are people who work in an industry where there is some degree of risk either to themselves or others. Whether you work in healthcare or another profession, ProTrainings has the course that is suitable for your occupation!

Some professionals that may need a Pet First Aid course include:

  • Pet Owners
  • Dog Walkers
  • Pet Sitters
  • Groomers
  • Pet Trainers
  • Anyone who works with cats or dogs


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which occupations use this course?

The Cat and Dog First Aid Course is perfect for:

  • Pet Owners
  • Dog Walkers
  • Pet Sitters
  • Groomers
  • Pet Trainers
  • Anyone who works with cats or dogs

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