Making the world a safer place... one community at a time

Imagine if there were 13 million more trained rescuers in the United States — rescuers who are eager, physically capable, and willing to rescue.

Student CPR makes this dream a reality through a grassroots effort of working with teachers and administrators to get our free program into schools.

And it's working! Since we started the program in 2012, our courses are now being taught to high school students in hundreds of schools around the country.

Liz Lindgren, one of our StudentCPR heroes [VIDEO]

Students studying for Student CPR

Flexible online training

Students can learn at their own pace, training and testing anywhere with Internet. The final hands-on evaluation happens back in the classroom by their health teacher, who is trained for free to verify student CPR skills. Learn more

Bring Student CPR to your school

We need your help getting the word out to more schools. If you think your school would be interested, let us know about it! Or even better, mention the program to your school's health teacher or principal and tell them why teaching CPR in high school is important to you. Learn more

Bring Student CPR

Connecting students, parents, teachers, and the community

We're passionate about bringing CPR training to high schools; and if you are too, we would love to hear from you!

Should CPR be a high school graduation requirement? What do you think about the laws that are being passed to have publicly available AEDs installed in our schools?

Tell us on our Facebook page. Visit our blog to see photos and videos of the students in action. Show your support by liking us on Facebook.

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