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You might be surprised to know that there is no single approving organization for CPR in the United States. Instead, CPR requirements are set by various organizations, state boards, and employers.

Learn all about how CPR certification approvals work, who determines if a program is approved, and what that means for you and your professional requirements.

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How Do CPR Approvals Work?

CPR Certification Acceptance

The entity that sets your CPR requirements — such as a national organization, state governing board, or employer — will have different standards in order for your CPR certification to be counted toward your requirement. Some entities have a specific approval process, while others have a simpler acceptance process.

While not as rigorous as the approval process, most organizations look for a few key educational standards to be met and accept certifications rather than developing a formal approval process.

Obtaining Organizational Approval

Some organizations have strict policies regarding the CPR courses they will approve as CPR certification providers. In such cases, your organization may choose to do a thorough evaluation of the CPR course content, as well as an audit of the CPR trainer, the techniques taught in the CPR course, the process of recording certifications, as well as any other components of the educational process.

ProTrainings has worked directly with organizations such as the US Coast Guard, the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), and many others to obtain specific approval for professionals overseen by these organizations so that their professionals can complete their CPR certification via an online or blended program with ProTrainings.
LAYERS OF APPROVAL -- ACCREDITATION: A lengthy and rigorous process where a CPR training provider’s educational process and course materials are reviewed. This results in a stamp of approval on the training provider rather than a specific course. APPROVAL: A lengthy process of reviewing and evaluating a specific training course, culminating in an explicit course approval, and adding the training provider to a list of “approved” course providers. ACCEPTANCE: A review of enough course materials to determine that a course meets the pre-designated requirements of the organization.
ProTrainings is a trusted partner of world-class organizations, such as:
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...and 99% of employers!

National Organizations that Approve or Accept
CPR Certification from ProTrainings:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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United States
Coast Guard

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National Academy of Sports Medicine

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Academy of General Dentistry

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Commission on Accreditation for Pre-…

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Postgraduate Institute for Medicine

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Athletics & Fitness Association of America

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Dental Assisting National Board

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over 3 million certifications issued to date

Frequently Asked Questions

Which occupations use this course?

The Healthcare BLS Course is perfect for:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • EMTs
  • Paramedics
  • Firefighters
  • Lifeguards
  • Physical Therapists
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • X-Ray Technologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Other Health Care Professionals

Is this CPR certification approved by the American Heart Association?

The American Heart does not review or approve third party CPR courses (we're their competition). However, ProCPR does adhere to the latest AHA and ECC/ILCOR guidelines, has been deemed to be an equivalent course by numerous state departments, and is accepted by over 99% of employers nationwide.

Can I use ProCPR for my job?

Probably, but we recommend checking with your employer first to be sure. We have written an introduction letter you can download and send to your employer to help explain our course and its acceptance.

How many tries do I get to pass the CPR test?

After watching the training videos, you should do just fine on the test. That said, you may retake the CPR test as many times as you need to pass it at no additional cost. The test questions change each time, making no two tests identical.