High School Student CPR Training

High school-aged students start taking on many adult responsibilities, including caring for siblings and going off to college. The time to prepare is now.

ProTrainings’ Student CPR program is designed for teaching CPR to school children in grades 8 and later. Group enrollments for teaching CPR in schools are available.
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Student CPR Course Details

Video Playtime

1 hour and 38 minutes

Video Count

25 videos


English and Español


English and Español

Proof of Completion

Certification Card

This Course Includes:

  • Certification card available to purchase for $0.00
  • 24/7 on-demand video
  • Access on mobile
  • Weekly refresher video
  • Expiration reminder
  • Student manual

Preview the High School CPR Training Course Content

Section 1

Welcome to the Course

6 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Student CPR Introduction 0:57
  • The Five Fears of CPR Rescue 5:08
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Section 2

Medical Emergencies

19 mins
3 videos
This section includes:
  • Heart Attacks 7:57
  • Stroke 6:49
  • Opioid Overdose 4:50
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Section 3

Universal Precautions

8 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Universal Precautions in the Workplace 5:38
  • Handwashing 3:02
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Section 4

Cardiac Arrest

49 mins
15 videos
This section includes:
  • Agonal Respiration (Not Breathing Normally) 1:32
  • Adult CPR 3:36
  • Child CPR 3:42
  • and more...
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Section 5


27 mins
10 videos
This section includes:
  • Conscious Adult Choking 4:42
  • Conscious Child Choking 2:52
  • Conscious Infant Choking 3:41
  • and more...
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Section 6

First Aid

9 mins
3 videos
This section includes:
  • Arterial Bleeding 3:56
  • Shock 2:52
  • Concussion 3:10
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Section 7


1 mins
1 videos
This section includes:
  • Conclusion 1:27
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over 3 million certifications issued to date

Why ProTrainings?


Train Anywhere, On Any Device

Students are constantly on the go. ProTrainings gives them access to their program at their fingertips.
Master Quality

Expert Instructors, Forever Access

Does your high school student need a refresher? Lifetime access means they can relearn anytime they need to.

Same-day certification

Starting a new after-school job and need certification quickly? Get your printable CPR wallet card immediately after passing your exam!

Pay Only After You’re Certified

At ProTrainings, we put safety first – literally. Complete your course and pass your exam before you pay a dime for your student CPR training.

Who needs a CPR course?

Frankly, everyone needs proper CPR training. Not only does CPR training through ProTrainings provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform CPR properly, but also it helps them to prepare for situations where someone may need assistance. 

Such emergency situations can be scary; but teaching CPR to school children gives them context for understanding what to do in an emergency, including getting help and performing life-saving steps. 


Here’s what our customers have to say:

Student CPR Frequently Asked Questions

What do students learn in high school CPR training?

Student CPR is best taught in bite-sized pieces – that’s how we do it here at ProTrainings. Our high school CPR training educates students on how to handle emergency situations including heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, choking, and first aid. 

Students will also learn how to perform CPR and first aid for both adults and children, as well as how to use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) if they are available. 

Our online platform provides the training, testing, and continuing education options needed for thorough CPR skills development.

What is the youngest age you can teach CPR to school children?

Technically, children and adolescents of any age can be CPR certified. Most student CPR participants are high-school age.

However, students aged 12 and younger must submit a permission form signed by a parent or legal guardian in order to participate, according to COPPA regulations. Learn more about our CPR for all ages.

Can teachers take student CPR courses?

Teachers are welcome to participate in student CPR courses in order to experience the learning process first-hand. Many educators find this beneficial to facilitating teaching CPR to school children so that they can more accurately reference course materials. 

However, Student CPR is not a professional-level training. It is designed to be relevant to students and for use predominantly in high school CPR training. If you are interested in receiving professional-level certification, ProTrainings offers several courses and programs for CPR for adults.

How much does it cost for student CPR training programs?

The Student CPR program for teaching CPR to school children and high schoolers for free when taught in schools and organizations. Training for teachers, teaching materials, and CPR cards are also included at no cost.

In addition to our free CPR training, organizations are responsible for supplying their own manikins for hands-on CPR demonstration and practice. If students or educators would like to take the advanced courses, there is a per-card fee associated for each participant.

Group CPR Training for your Students

Looking to teach CPR in schools or youth organizations? Our group enrollment options make teaching CPR to students easy and efficient. Inquire today to get free CPR training for your high school students.
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  • Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches
Group Trainings
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