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ProTrainings is a leading provider of training in BLS for healthcare providers. Our online BLS certification programs are designed with the unique responsibilities and challenges of healthcare in mind.

Get access to high-quality training in a convenient online platform so you can earn your BLS certification at your own pace and get back to the important life-saving work you love.
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3 hours and 6 minutes

Video Count

41 videos


English and Español


English and Español


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This Course Includes:

  • Follows AHA guidelines
  • 4.0 CME/CE credits
  • Certification card available to purchase for $59.95
  • 24/7 on-demand video
  • Access on mobile
  • Weekly refresher video
  • Expiration reminder
  • Student manual

Preview the BLS Training For Healthcare Providers Course Content

Section 1

Welcome to the Course

13 mins
4 videos
This section includes:
  • Welcome to ProCPR 0:48
  • The Five Fears of CPR Rescue 5:08
  • Cardiac Chain of Survival 2:41
  • and more...
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Section 2

Medical Emergencies

14 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Heart Attacks 7:57
  • Stroke 6:49
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Section 3

Universal Precautions

8 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Universal Precautions in the Workplace 5:38
  • Handwashing 3:02
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Section 4

Respiratory Arrest

15 mins
7 videos
This section includes:
  • Adult Rescue Breathing 2:24
  • Child Rescue Breathing 2:33
  • Infant Rescue Breathing 2:12
  • and more...
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Section 5

Cardiac Arrest

76 mins
19 videos
This section includes:
  • Agonal Respiration (Not Breathing Normally) 1:32
  • Adult CPR 4:03
  • Child CPR 1:52
  • and more...
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Section 6

Multiple Rescuer Skills

43 mins
10 videos
This section includes:
  • Bag Valve Mask 6:55
  • Adult CPR 2 Rescuer 3:57
  • Child CPR 2 Rescuer 3:49
  • and more...
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Section 7


27 mins
10 videos
This section includes:
  • Conscious Adult Choking 4:42
  • Conscious Child Choking 2:52
  • Conscious Infant Choking 3:41
  • and more...
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Section 8

Bleeding Control

9 mins
2 videos
This section includes:
  • Arterial Bleeding 5:00
  • Shock 4:25
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Section 9


18 mins
3 videos
This section includes:
  • Pool Safety 5:40
  • Special Considerations for CPR, AED, & Choking 11:30
  • Conclusion 1:27
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BLS Certification Wallet Card

ProTrainings makes earning your healthcare provider BLS certification convenient and efficient while ensuring you receive the highest quality training and up-to-date information. 

Your PDF card is available to print immediately after you pass your test and pay so you can get back to making a difference. 

You will also receive a professionally printed card by mail in 5-7 business days.
BLS Certification Wallet Card

Our BLS CPR Courses Are Nationally Accredited

It’s a little-known fact that there is no national accrediting body for BLS training and certification. That means you can get your certification from any qualified organization, including the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. 

However, students who have tried other certification organizations prefer us for our versatility, accessibility, and ease of certification and renewal. At ProTrainings, we provide legitimate, quality training that adheres to the ILCOR/AHA guidelines and is approved by numerous third-party accrediting organizations and 99% of employers.

over 3 million certifications issued to date

Why Choose ProTrainings For Your BLS Healthcare Provider Certification?


Train Anywhere, On Any Device

Healthcare workers are constantly on the go. ProTrainings gives you access to your BLS training program at your fingertips.
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Expert Instructors for Every Subject

Does your employer require you to have an up-to-date BLS certification? Get high-quality training from instructors who understand the demands of healthcare.

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Starting a new job and need to earn your BLS certification quickly? Get your printable wallet card immediately after passing your exam!

Compliant & Secure

There’s a reason millions of users trust ProTrainings for their certifications! We have a whole team of experts working to ensure your data is secure, encrypted, and never sold or shared.
BLS For Healthcare Providers Online

Who Needs a BLS CPR Course?

Basic Life Support (otherwise known as BLS) is an essential training for healthcare providers. By learning BLS for healthcare providers, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to save lives as part of your job, including CPR, multiple rescuer skills, AED training, and more. 

The roles most likely to need BLS training are: 
  • EMTs
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Pharmacists
  • Physician Assistants
  • Physicians
  • X-Ray Technologists
The ProTrainings online BLS for Healthcare Providers course is specifically designed with the roles and responsibilities of healthcare workers in mind. You will receive training and skills development to match the everyday situations you’ll encounter in your job.


Here’s what our customers have to say:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLS for a healthcare provider?

BLS stands for Basic Life Support. By completing a BLS training, you will learn essential life-saving skills that healthcare workers find themselves needing regularly. 

Online BLS certifications differ, so be sure to check with your employer on the skills you need to learn and confirm that the program you’re considering includes those skills trainings. 

For instance, at ProTrainings, you’ll learn the following in your online BLS certification program: 
  • Overcoming the 5 Fears that Prevent Rescue
  • Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Recognition & Action Steps for Suspected Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Universal Precautions
  • Rescue Breathing for Adult, Child & Infant
  • CPR for Adult, Child & Infant
  • AED for Adult, Child & Infant
  • Use of a Resuscitation Mask
  • Use of a Bag Valve Mask
  • Two Rescuer CPR for Adult, Child & Infant
  • Conscious & Unconscious Choking for Adult, Child & Infant
  • Bleeding Control
  • Shock Management
  • Moving People
  • Special Considerations

Is BLS better than CPR?

The short answer is no. Neither certification is technically “better” than the other. 
Your choice to participate in either a BLS training or CPR training depends entirely on the skills you want to learn and the requirements of your employer. Be sure to check with your employer to clarify the skills they want you to learn and be certified on before choosing the right training program. 
For instance, CPR and BLS training programs both teach the same life-saving skills. However, they are different in that CPR programs are designed for anyone to take, while BLS programs are designed for healthcare professionals who already have a strong foundation of medical knowledge. 
Additionally, the BLS for healthcare providers program teaches a higher level of CPR skills, tools, and procedures that aren’t included in a non-healthcare level CPR class. 
For these reasons, healthcare professionals tend to prefer BLS training and laypersons tend to prefer CPR trainings. 
In your BLS for healthcare professionals program with ProTrainings, you also learn additional skills in each, such as how to handle the Five Fears and respond well in emergency situations. 

How long are the BLS classes?

BLS, CPR, and other life-saving skills courses differ in their structure and content, but you can typically expect a BLS class to last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. 
Consider that you have the option of completing your BLS classes online, in a blended format, or in a classroom setting.  
At ProTrainings, our online BLS Training for Healthcare Professionals includes a total of 3 hours and 18 minutes of video lessons. 
Blended programs allow you to access the course training materials online while also giving you the opportunity to hone your practical skills with hands-on training over a live video conference with an instructor. The hands-on portion of the program adds about 30 minutes to your total completion time. 
The classroom setting is best for people who tend to learn well by being in the same room as their instructor and who like to ask questions along the way. If you choose the in-class learning method, you can expect the course to take about 4 to 6 hours on average. 
Each modality – online, blended, or classroom learning – comes with different time commitments, so choose the program that is most conducive to your learning style and availability. 

Can healthcare providers take online BLS certification?

Yes! Online BLS certification is an excellent option for healthcare providers with busy schedules. The online format allows you to access your course content from anywhere and learn on your own time. 
Most students who take the online BLS certification program find it extremely convenient and efficient. They’re able to fit their learning into their schedules when they have time and complete their BLS training quickly to meet employer requirements. 
At ProTrainings, our online BLS Certification for Healthcare Professionals program has been submitted to and approved by hundreds of state and national boards and third-party accrediting organizations since 2005 and is accepted by 99% of employers. 

Group BLS Trainings for Healthcare Providers

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