LittleStar ABA Therapy takes a family-first approach to supporting children, teens, and young adults with autism. At their five therapy centers across Indiana, their employees focus on setting kids and young adults up for the bright, full, and vibrant futures they deserve.

Past CPR Program Challenges

LittleStar has always been passionate about ensuring every family who needs their services can access them, making it essential that families can use their insurance to pay for services. From TRICARE to Medicaid, LittleStar bills through a variety of insurers.

Because some insurers require in-person, hands-on skills evaluation in addition to CPR course completion, LittleStar utilized traditional in-person classes with the hands-on evaluations for certifying all employees. However, not every employee needed this level of training based on their job function, making it difficult to justify the additional time and cost of training in this way. Nevertheless, they also knew they couldn’t afford to undertrain the direct providers who did. This dilemma left LittleStar facing a “too much” or “too little” scenario with their CPR training.

In addition, management struggled to coordinate schedules when they could pull people away from working with patients to attend classes. Employees who simply needed to recertify felt frustrated at having to sit through hours-long classes when they knew their skills were still fresh and that a simple evaluation may suffice to renew their certification.

Current CPR Program

LittleStar’s new CPR program is essentially three programs in one. Within a single platform, they can select the exact type of training each employee needs, saving the company money and saving employees valuable time. They found their “just right” CPR training program — Goldilocks would be thrilled!

Impact to the Business

The ability to tailor CPR training to each employee’s needs gives LittleStar the peace of mind they need. Knowing their CPR certification program meets all insurer requirements lets them spend their time where it matters most — caring for their patients and families.

Today, LittleStar enjoys:

  • Their program, their way — every staff member gets just the right certification for their job
  • Full compliance without unnecessary overhead — staff can pull reports at a moment’s notice
  • Happy clients — families enjoy the peace of mind knowing their therapy teams are able and ready to handle an emergency situation should one arise
  • Time savings — employees don’t spend unnecessary time coordinating complex schedules or attending courses they don’t need
  • Reduced compliance costs — the company pays for the right certification for each employee, resulting in significant savings

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what Little Star faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

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