Girls on the Run International (GOTR International) is a nonprofit organization that inspires all girls to build confidence and make intentional decisions while fostering care and compassion for self and others. Trained coaches use physical activity and dynamic discussions to build social, emotional, and physical skills in every girl. Their independent councils run programs in schools and community locations across the U.S.

Past CPR Program Challenges

Melisa Beeson spent her first year as the Executive Director of Girls on the Run (GOTR) of Greater Kalamazoo feeling overrun (pun intended!) with the challenges associated with the council’s existing CPR program. With volunteers joining at any time leading up to the start of each season, the logistics of scheduling in-person group classes just didn’t work.

A New Approach

Since 2015, volunteer coaches and staff access CPR and First Aid training online when and where it fits their schedules. They complete hands-on skill evaluations with the council’s in-house certified trainers as needed.

Impact to the Organization

The anytime, anywhere availability of training all but eliminates the hassles of getting volunteers into the program. For an organization that cannot operate without its volunteer coaches, this means everything.

In addition, staff and volunteers have been amazed and surprised at how much more prepared they feel to act in the face of an emergency. In fact, three separate volunteers had this opportunity. At a restaurant, a mall and a hockey game, people sprung into action to save three lives. The volunteers could not have been more grateful to Girls on the Run for providing them the rich training needed to help someone in need.

Today, Girls on the Run of Greater Kalamazoo enjoys:

  • CPR training that "sticks" — staff and volunteers alike report feeling truly able to respond in an emergency
  • Worry-free volunteer onboarding — the council never has to turn away a volunteer for lack of ability to get them CPR certified
  • Leadership by example — multiple other councils have followed their lead and implemented the same CPR program

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what Girls On The Run faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

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