USCG CPR & First Aid Requirements

The US Coast Guard is the nation’s authority on ocean safety – so it’s no wonder that they have rigorous standards for their CPR training and certification acceptance. 

Read on to learn all about USCG-approved CPR courses, requirements, and profession-specific details so you can choose the best course for your unique situation.

What is USCG?

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one branch of the six US Armed Forces that specifically handles all security, search and rescue, and law enforcement of the US coastal waters.

With the motto Semper Paratus, “Always Ready,” the USCG and its servicemen and women are upheld to the highest standards of mental and physical preparedness. 

One aspect of that honorable mentality is the USCG’s commitment to having all of their members certified in CPR and other life-saving skills.

Course Content USCG CPR & First Aid Requirements

Organizations base their CPR certification requirements on three criteria:
What skills are covered in the program.

How the program is delivered, such as fully online, blended, or classroom.
Who is offering the program

Course Brand USCG CPR Requirements

Some national organizations require that your CPR training come from a specific brand; others don’t have brand-specific requirements and allow you to complete your training with flexible online providers like ProTrainings.

The US Coast Guard requires course auditing for approvals and, as an added measure of quality protection, requires CPR course providers to be reapproved every five years.

USCG has explicitly approved and reapproved ProTrainings’ CPR courses for meeting and exceeding their rigorous quality standards for CPR and first aid training since 2011.

See the full list for USCG-approved CPR and first aid certification courses here.
To ensure that you are taking one of the approved courses and receive a CPR certification card with the USCG special language, sign up here.

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Course Method USCG CPR & First Aid Requirements

CPR can be taught in a classroom, online, or in a blended format. Some national organizations that oversee professionals and require CPR certification have set additional standards regarding the type of course you take.

If you are overseen by USCG, you will need to complete a hands-on skills assessment in order to earn a valid CPR certification that will be accepted by USCG.

While you can complete a classroom-based CPR program, most professionals prefer to take a blended CPR class. Blended USCG-approved CPR courses allow you to complete the video training and written test portions completely online and then complete a hands-on practice and skills assessment with a certified instructor over a live instructor-led video conference.

Due to some seamen being on a ship or in remote areas, USCG appreciates our blended programs for their flexibility, convenience, and remote-friendly format.
At ProTrainings, our CPR experts developed an easy-to-ship, disposable Single Use Manikin Option (SUMO) to facilitate hands-on learning without the spread of germs from multi-use manikins. USCG, in particular, is an advocate of and has approved our SUMO program so students can complete a ProTrainings blended course with hands-on SUMO skills assessment anywhere.

Special USCG CPR & First Aid Requirements for Certification

In addition to the course content, course delivery method, and course brand requirements discussed above, USCG has additional requirements that professionals must adhere to.

USCG, in particular, requires specific language to appear on CPR certification cards. Many online CPR training providers will issue you a standard CPR certification card that does not meet these requirements.

However, ProTrainings has collaborated with the US Coast Guard to ensure that all CPR certifications for USCG personnel feature the required text.

To ensure that you are taking one of the approved courses and receive a CPR certification card with the USCG special language, sign up here.

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USCG CPR Requirements FAQs

Does USCG accept online CPR certifications?

USCG only accepts CPR and First Aid certifications from approved training organizations that require a hands-on skills assessment. These are referred to as blended CPR courses. 

In a blended CPR, First Aid, and AED course, you will complete the training and written test portions of the course online, which allows you to access your course from anywhere, start and stop the course at any time, and replay videos as needed. 

Then, you will complete a hands-on skills assessment with a certified CPR instructor. At ProTrainings, our blended CPR courses are set up so that you can complete the hands-on skills assessment over a live video conference. Your evaluator leads you through those practical skills in the comfort of your own home or office at your chosen date and time.

Does ProTrainings offer USCG-approved CPR and First Aid Certification Courses?

Yes! ProTrainings has received explicit approval from USCG for our courses since July 2011.

All Merchant Marines, Boat Captains, and Sea School Students are approved to take ProTrainings CPR, AED, and First Aid courses.

To ensure that you are taking one of the approved courses and receive a CPR certification card with the USCG special language, sign up here.