Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Very informative! Easily delivered, easy to understand and follow!

I found this very informative and helpful. Being a dog groomer I am glad I have the tools to be able to know what to do in any situation.

I highly recommend ProTrainings Pet First Aid course. Anyone with a cat or a dog at home would be wise to take the course to learn not only about common first aid concerns such as wound care and heat stroke but also more severe issues such as shock and pet CPR.

Questions allowed me to learn while responding. I know more than i did before the test.

I like the video and the written script.

The training session is very informative and helpful and you can do it at your own pace and if you need to stop and go back you can.

The course materials; videos and scenarios, were very helpful for training in how to assess and treat children in respiratory distress, respiratory failure, and other pediatric emergencies.

I previously took two trainings in person. This is the first one I've taken virtual, but this one was the most educational.

very helpful and informative information

The information was straightforward and thorough but easy to understand!

The first time using this site, the experience was more than I expect and will be using it again also tell co-worker and firefighter members about it.

ProTrainings gives a very thorough education. Highly recommend!

This is my second time training with ProTrainings. I love it, you train at your own pace, the videos are very informative and prepare you for the test, ProTrainings is the way to train!!!!

This site always has the most up to date information and makes it easy to access.

The test-out method is very thorough so you must be currently knowledgeable of all practices within the scope.

This is the 2nd time that I have done this training and love how thorough this class is. The questions are great for remembering the various training.

Very precise and well presented, the instructor was able to easily maintain a great learning presentation.

Great class. Very good instructor. Covered all the topics well.

Great course! Very thorough.

very well done!

You can go on your pace.

This is a great and convenient way to get BBP certificate.

I enjoyed the training.

I love this training

Very impressed with the delivery of this course. I was able to do a few sections a day or cover complete sections between other work here in the office. Easily picked up where I left off and instructions were very clear and concise. I was the genie pig for my workplace to see how this could work when we are unable to bring an instructor in or train employees in the workplace who should have the knowledge but are not a healthcare staff member as I work in a medical facility located remotely in the NWT Canada we see it as a benefit for all of our employees to have some level of training. I will be recommending that this is the program we use for all of our employees.

very convenient during a busy work schedule. I loved it.

Loved the site

Thank you, the course is articulated to cover the most necessary information.

I really liked the clarity and breakdown of each topic and it was very informative.

Fast and very useful.

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