Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

ProTrainings is an excellent CPR training program that is very thorough and allows you to complete on your own time when you are most focused to learn this life-saving content.

I’ve learned a lot with this module. Highly recommended.

This course was enjoyable to listen too and not your typical boring certification course

The presenter was very professional and informative. He did a very good job of explaining the different aspects of CPR so anyone could learn and practice the procedures.

Very straight-forward, good scenarios.

Fast and easy. Very informative and a great review.

Love this site! Use it every time for my renewal.

It feels the instructor was complete and gave a great description to learn each area that he instructed.

Great review and also learned some new things since the last test.

I enjoyed the training. The trainer kept me engaged and was very informative.

I loved the fact that everything was easy to understand. Which made taking the test that much easier. I am one of those people who panic when I see the word test, but I did not with this. I was not timed, I was able to read and understand the questions without the pressure of a timer.

Quick, Easy, and Simple Refresher.

Excellent educational experience

I have used ProTrainings for my first aid and CPR certs for several years. I am a charter boat captain and find the training very thorough and helpful with emergencies that occur while at sea.Thanks

The course was very informative and easy to follow.

The testing is very easy

Very concise, easy to follow BLS course! Highly recommend

I like the fact that there are easy to follow videos that simplify the education into bite-size pieces so that you can understand the information

Having been trained in CPR for years it was really great to be able to challenge the test without having to watch all the training videos. It's great to have them available for review if needed.

It was very informative. Great to be able to do it on my own time. Scenarios were well played out.

It was a very educational class. I really enjoyed it.

It's very helpful and easy to understand.

The video presentations were excellent. The presenter spoke clearly and held interest. The learning moved along at a perfect pace.

Very thorough and specific with each segment.

Very good course. Easy to understand and thorough!

I truly enjoyed this format of learning ACLS. It is effective, increases, and validates knowledge. Provided a more relaxed setting. Was not afraid of taking chances with answers or making mistakes.

Great content! There was lots more in-depth info than any in-person BLS course I've attended

Excellent content

The person providing the training and the actors/actress are great.

lots of info

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