Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Just completed my Human CPR AED First Aid and am certified. Thought a good time for Dog and Cat CPR and First Aid Refresher. Have been a CVT for years and the course is a necessary refresher. We go for CE, but this course is so practical. Dr Bobbi a Great Teacher Elizabeth CVT

Very informative. Concise and clear instruction

I like that I can take this test at my own pace.

it was great and practice with my children at home.

Fantastic course. Scenarios were done well and made you think.


Highly recommend

Thorough and informative.

I like the way the training was conducted by the different videos and example scenarios. The videos were easily understood and taught by trained professionals.

I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!

The course was very clear and very well explained for every situation.

Renewed my BLS easily. Look forward to doing again in 2 more years.

It was engaging and nice to be able to pause and resume to accommodate a busy schedule.

Great way to recertify! Quick, easy, convenient, and on your schedule! This is the only site I use; have been using them for many years!

Extremely easy to understand and learn online...would definitely recommend it to others.

I like the way he explains and teaches the course

Great self-paced review in the comfort of home

This is a great very informative training that I have been using for years. I feel very comfortable and well educated with this material.

Very simple process. I would recommend to anyone

The way the questions were written, I could easily set up procedures, in my mind's eye.

I have been using ProCPR for many many years and I just love it. It is so professional, up-to-date, clearly presented program. It's the best I have ever used and enjoy it. Also, the biggest part is the follow-up I can get thru re-visiting the videos and such. I appreciated the mailings of program updates also. I can watch those and refresh myself regularly which I think is essential. Thank You so very much!!


Good straightforward information that is concise and repeated throughout so helps reinforce skills and knowledge of CPR, etc. Test questions are also straightforward and easy to understand. I liked being able to take a break and come back later in the day or the next day. So convenient!

The videos were very informative and helped me learn a lot.

So easy to refresh CPR skills.

It was super informative and I got to go at my pace.

This course was quick and to the point, covering all the important points~

Helpful and educational!

Warning practice test will take 5 hours

Clear and understandable explanations, tips, and vivid case situations

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