Save time without skipping hands-on

The convenience of getting trained completely online can't be beat. But if your employer or state board requires hands-on practice, blended learning is a time efficient and convenient classroom alternative.

How exactly does it work? After training and testing online, choose the Single Use Manikin Option (SUMO™) and we'll send you an inexpensive manikin so you can complete your skill evaluation remotely from home over web conference with a certified instructor.

Is it approved? It sure is! The American Heart Association has confirmed that blended learning is an acceptable way to get certified. This online/hands-on learning hybrid is acceptable across nearly all companies and occupations and is quickly becoming the preferred way to certify.

Hands-on evaluation from home with SUMO

If you're not sure if blended is allowed for you, it's best to talk to your employer to make sure they are comfortable with blended CPR certification. Or give us a call and we would be happy to find out for you.

What our students say about SUMO

I enjoyed the blended training. It was nice to do it from the comfort of your home with a knowledgeable person helping and guiding you along. I would recommend this to everyone!! ~Danny
I loved my SUMO experience. It allowed me to educate myself without the pressure of an instructor giving you time limits with the online testing. The physical evaluation was very straightforward and the instructor explained every situation in detail and applied it to my profession. I will definitely be using this service to re-certify when it comes time. ~Julieann
Having the opportunity to use the SUMO kit was amazing. The kit was easy to use and everything was included. Thus making it easy to complete recertification at home and NOT in a crowded classroom. ~Tonijean
I decided to use SUMO because I don't have a lot of time in my day. I needed CPR training for my personal training certification. I came across ProFirstAid and SUMO and was ecstatic. It was simple to do, effective, and my instructor was fantastic. He really helped reinforce what was learned on the test and in the training. ~Jordan
I work full-time, and I have two kids. I couldn't find the time to attend an all-day BLS class. I decided to look online for a BLS course. The SUMO experience allowed me to complete my BLS certification during my lunch break. ~Laquanda